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Robert N Smith for Congress
Thursday, 21 December 2006
Now that the election is over

All of the reasons being offered for why the United States cannot withdraw troops from Iraq are false. The reality is, the troops are staying in Iraq for much different reasons than the ones being touted by political elites and a still subservient establishment press. They are staying to save face for a U.S. political elite that cares nothing for the lives of Iraqis or U.S. soldiers; to pursue the futile goal of turning Iraq into a reliable client state strategically located near the major energy resources and shipping routes of the Middle East, home to two-thirds of world oil reserves, and Western and Central Asia; to serve as a base for the projection of U.S. military power in the region, particularly in the growing conflict between the United States and Iran; and to maintain the legitimacy of U.S. imperialism, which needs the pretext of a global war on terror to justify further military intervention, expanded military budgets, concentration of executive power, and restrictions on civil liberties. 12/20/2006


What does this have to do with Impeachment, and honest government?


To begin with let’s look at the oath of office sworn by every elected official from the President to your individual Congressman. From the FBI agent to the lowest military recruit. Is that Oath to the current head of the administration? Is it to their political party or corporate boss? No because these people are not the government of the United States of America. People have never been the Government, and despite the mistaken belief in loyalty to whoever currently holds a office, they are not and have never been the government. The oath of office is to the government, specifically the Constitution of the United States of America. Which created and limits the action and power of these people.

            Before the Constitution we were made of thirteen independent nations. If the Constitution no longer serves, then we are fifty independent nations, joined to each other by a loose confederation like we were before the Constitution. People in Washington can not have it both ways. If the Constitution no longer applies, that is up to us, We the People to decide. Not some power hungry politician sitting in a office in the District of Criminals. For him or her to decide the Constitution no longer applies is not only criminal, it is the ultimate crime. Mr. Bush and Mr. Chaney as well as those who have enabled you and those who have slowly been attacking the constitution for  years, I accuse you of Treason. For you are attacking and overthrowing my government.


Posted by 1bigtree at 9:12 PM EST
Monday, 6 November 2006
The first article of my platform or to do list.

What charges are impeachable and what are not?
How do we put Bush and company out of business?
How do we protect ourself from the Military tribunal bill while we are taking the government back from the big money  masters?

First the answer to the last question.
Keep it framed in the political voice. Do not allow it to become a movement outside of the political movement. To do so opens you to a charge being accused of providing comfort to the people that the administration says we are at war with. So work within political parties or coalitions to prevent that.

How do we put Mr. Bush and his henchmen out of business? Simple, we use the tools that we have at hand. First everyone in elected or appointed office from the President to the newest military recruit is sworn to defend/uphold the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies Foreign or Domestic. Thus though Mr. Bush and company talk about that goddamn piece of paper, anyone in law enforcement/military or any other  elected or appointed office/position in the United States Government is held to accountability by that piece of paper. It is the government. Not the office holder, not the office which is created by that piece of paper but the Constitution itself. Thus it is easy to do what has to be done. Either the people we encounter in government are for holding Mr. Bush and his fellow travelers accountable or they are part of the corruption.

So what is treason among all the acts of the current administration? Any and all acts that attack provisions of the Constitution or the treaties made under that constitution. So to begin with
his use of signing statements so he does not have to go along with a law that is not to his liking. There is only one way for something to become a law. It has to be passed by both houses of congress and the president has to sign it. Once that happens the president is responsible for enforcing it. He can not sign it and refuse to enforce it. Such is a direct violation of the Constitution. The same with ignoring the provisions of any ratified treaty. Such violations should be and are acts of treason when done in order to increase the powers of the presidency beyond that given by the Constitution. Such attempts to increase the powers in and of itself is also treason. The Presidency has been on the slippery slope of increasing it's power for many years. However the current administration including the cabinet officers is and has been from the day they took office trying to take powers and abilities that are prohibited by the Constitution of the United Sates of America. Such is a deliberate act by the administration guided and initiated by the two senior members of the administration. Further this treason has been aided and abet ed by senior members of the Dept. of Justice, Department of State, Department of  Defense and Dept. of Treasury. Such treason has been aided and abetted by senior members of Congress to the detriment of all the people of the United States. If the President can increase his powers without the approval of the Congress or the people without any accountability. Then the Constitution is no longer valid. If that be the case then the Federal Government is dissolved. If that is the case, then we have 50 newly independent countries. For that is what we had before the ratification of the Constitution. It started with thirteen independent nations joining together for the common good. It may take 50 or more independent nations to bring about justice today. If it does, Never again will we give the power of war making or of coining money to a central authority. However we will also not give power of person hood to corporations either.

This then is a call for all elected and appointed office holders to bring charges of treason against Mr. Bush, Mr. Chaney and lesser elected and appointed officials for crimes against the Constitution and existing treaties including the various war crime treaties. Either that or declare all such previous supreme laws of the land null and void, including the Constitution itself. In which case there is no United States of America.

Delivered on this the 7th. Day of November 2006

Robert N. Smith USN Retired
6565 Lonesome Pine Trail
Greeneville, TN

Signed ___________________________________________________________

Citizen of the State of Tennessee and under oath to Protect and Preserve the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Posted by 1bigtree at 6:31 PM EST
Saturday, 14 October 2006
My too do list
Last November or December I sat down one evening and put together a list of things I wanted to see a candidate for congress do. About 5 or 6 weeks later, I looked in the mirror and saw that candidate stareing back at me. Since then many people have picked up that platform or as I have called it from day one, my too do list. I wish to thank Bob Mendelson for the items he contributed to it. The rest of it is strictly from my feeble brain. It is a too Do List, as such it will never be finished. Because as one thing gets accomplished, another will be added as long as people have problems and governments exist calls for change in government will continue. It is upto us who step up to serve to remeber this. We are not ruleing but serving the needs of people. Anyone wanting a copy of this Platform/Too do list let me know at or go to the I tried to post it three times tonight and failed three times.

Posted by 1bigtree at 9:26 PM EDT
Saturday, 7 October 2006
Thursday evening I participated in a debate with almost all the candidates for the first district US House seat. The only person missing as usual was the Republican candidate. Even the Democrat candidate was participating. Why do most major party candidates refuse to debate the smaller party candidates or the independents. The only reason I can think of is they don't really have anything to say to the people who they want to represent. Or they have run out of ides. At least most of my opponants did show up at the debate. however our senate candidate and our candidate for govenor and most independent candidates are shut out of the debates by the big two of political party candidates. Makes me wonder if they are afraid people will find out that their are other ideas and better qualified people out their who don't toe the party lines. Seems like it, but we need to overcome the cowardly actions of so called major party candidates. Their is a petition to do this at. .
 Please go their and put your opinion up for the world to see.
 Bob Smith

Posted by 1bigtree at 7:38 PM EDT
Thursday, 5 October 2006
I delivered a charge of Treason to the US Marshals today

At noon today I stood inside the federal courthouse here in Greeneville, TN. I made sure the Marshals knew I was charging Treason by the President and his enabelers. I demanded that the specifics be forwarded to where they could be acted upon.


Stood in front of the Federal Courthouse today for over a hour, passing out info. At noon Jean, I and another woman walked into the courthouse and delivered charges of treason against  The Bush Administration. I handed the charges to one of the two marshals manning the security desk at the entrance to the courthouse. And demanded that he see that they were delivered to senior people.


Posted by 1bigtree at 3:57 PM EDT
Wednesday, 4 October 2006
The Amish Tragedy

I am only forwarding what another has said on this. I agree.

Will the Amish School Shootings Change Anything?

Sam Hine
October 4, 2006

I'm not Amish, but my children attend a small rural school
that until this week seemed safely removed from the violence
plaguing most of our world.

The truth is, we're not safe anywhere. The recent shooting
at an Amish school here in Pennsylvania, only days after
similar crimes in rural Colorado and Wisconsin, makes it
clear that there is nowhere we can hide from the violence,
and no one who can't be touched by it.

We need to pray for the grieving families, for the children
who survived, and for the wife and children of the killer.
And we certainly can and must act to make guns less
available. But in the end, no amount of metal detectors or
school police or other security measures will be enough to
prevent another attack. No federal school violence summit
will save us.

We need to look squarely at the root causes of such
violence, at the evils we tolerate daily in this violent and
sick culture. I could start at the top: The official
justification of torture and sexual humiliation at Abu Graib
and Guantanamo. The clear message from our military in Iraq
("We don't do body counts.") that the lives of people who
believe and dress differently don't count as much. The
congressman preying on teenage boys on Capitol Hill, while
the leaders of the "moral majority" stand by.

Then there are the obvious culprits: The glorification of
violence and sexual predators in film. Violent video games
simulating everything from Columbine to Fallujah. The
unabashed exploitation of women and young girls as sex
objects in advertising, using their bodies to sell
everything from cars to beer. The news media that love
nothing better than a horrible crime--the more sadistic the
better. They wallow for days in the most salacious details,
making criminals into instant celebrities with little
thought to the copycats they might inspire.

Even more importantly, though, we each need to look in the
mirror. What can I do about all this?

The media tell us the killer was angry at life and angry at
God. This illustrates in a horrible way where festering
resentment can lead. We can't do much to make our schools
safer. But we can and must look at any grudges we have in
our own lives and free ourselves from them by forgiving. We
can't prevent the excesses of Hollywood or the Internet. But
we can, though confession, bring to light the secret
darkness in our own hearts, breaking the power of evil
thoughts before they grow into evil deeds.

The Amish, in their quiet way, are showing us the most
fitting response to such a horrible act. They can't find
words to describe their pain, but they won't be seeking
revenge. Instead they will be turning to their faith to
carry them through. The rest of us Americans have a lot to
learn from them. Their conscious choices to eschew
television, to refuse military service, to dress modestly,
and to live simply are among the sanest, most progressive,
and most hopeful responses to an insane culture that I've
seen so far.

Posted by 1bigtree at 6:16 PM EDT
Tuesday, 26 September 2006
Illegal immigration and what I stand for
 We do to have a position on illegal immigration. We attack the cause rather then the symptoms.
By doing away with the NAFTA which has dumped millions of tons of US Price Supported Grains on Mexico and Central America. Once again the local farmers will be able to support themselves by farming, thus they won't have to come here to support their families. In addition, ensuring that foreign aid actually supports local projects and local needs instead of creating more ways for Global Companies to rip off more money with required schemes which only serve the big companies, we will build both good will and solve the immigration problems at the same time. A win-win situation is better then one sided we win, you loose which has charatorized the USA foreign policy from the beginning.

Posted by 1bigtree at 7:36 PM EDT
Saturday, 16 September 2006
National service for all young peopl????????????

I have talked to more then a few people who say all people should have to serve some form of government service between the age of 18 and 35. I agree with them for many reasons, not the least is the need to instill a ethic of service into our nation. This would be service to government at every level, from Peace Corps/military to local government street maintenance or garbage collection. To work this would have to be universal with no deferments. Most people even with physical or emotional disabilities could and all should serve in some capacity. With a cutback seen very shortly for military service needs, a civilian service corps could help get everyone ready for citizenship in the broadest sense. A citizenship that calls on each to help their neighbor in some way. How about some feedback.

I grew up thinking that everyone was part of and served a purpose within the community, within the world, however this has fallen by the wayside somehow. Time to help bring it back, even just volentary.

Posted by 1bigtree at 8:00 PM EDT
Thursday, 14 September 2006
Congresional duties

In addition to holding impeachment hearings and prosecuting impeachment,the House has another duty. It has to be the source of any and all monitary bills for them to become law. So the House is responsible for the National Debt. In addition, each member of the House is responsibe for representing the people of his/her district. Not a political party, not a business, not even a political theory, but the people of that district. Always defering to the states on anything that has been reserved to the states. Always defering to the people and the Constitution on all matters. No matter what party you are running on, no matter what your personal beliefs are, the Constitution should be and has to be the final arbutrator along with the people on how you vote and the bills you introduce.

Hard to do sometimes, but that is the standard, no matter how I or any represenitive feels. This is the standard, I will try to uphold. Even as I keep adding things to the platform I am running on based on unresolved problems I have seen. Some I will have to pass to the state, others I have to convince the other Congresspeople about, but as long as people have problems I am commited to serve, either in Congress or in my community.

I want to hear more of what you the people I hope to represent want/need/ or expect. Thanks.

Posted by 1bigtree at 8:04 PM EDT
Monday, 11 September 2006
Sept. 11th.?????????????

Like most people who were anywhere near a tv on this morning a million or so years ago, i watched the smoke pouring from tower one. I stood by hopelessly as the plane ramed into tower two. I saw the dots raining down the sides of the towers and realized as we all did, that that was people.

I ask where the hell is the capture of the people who did this? Why did Osama and company get let go so mr. bush could fight his war of bull on Iraq which had nothing to do with what happened during 9-11. Why haven't the people who knew about this beforehand and made huge sums of money selling off airlines and insurance companies just prior to the planes hitting the towers been investigated and punished. Who financed the people who drove the planes into the towers? Who blocked the CIA and FBI from investigating and doing something about the attacks beforehand? Who has blocked a true investigation into what happened and why other then Mr. Bush and company. It's time we asked for a true, independent, investigation and criminal charges against those who helped the people who flew the planes, and I doubt if those people are named Bin Laudin.

Posted by 1bigtree at 7:00 PM EDT

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