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Inportant Stuff
Friday, 17 February 2006
Impeach Bush now
Thank you, Big Tree, for posting my letter to Howard Dean calling for
impeachment. If we all write to Dr. Dean, he will be impressed with the
grassroots sentiment in favor of impeachment, and may move the Vermont
legislature and/or the Democratic Party in that direction.

I'm posting my letter again, for those of you who missed it the first time:

Dear Friends,

Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and chair of the Democratic National
Committee, has asked us for feedback on what the Democrats should be doing,

This is our chance to tell Dr. Dean that we want Bush and Cheney impeached.
The following letter suggests a way that he can personally help make this
happen as quickly as possible, as we prepare for the November elections. We
must make it clear to the DNC that we want impeachment to be the main order
of business.

A number of us are working together for a major letter-writing campaign to
Dr. Dean. If he receives a number of letters with this suggestion, he will
see that "we the people" don't merely want a change of party, we want the
criminals in the White House removed and judged for their crimes, treason by
outing a CIA agent being high on the list.

This campaign originated with Norah Foster of the East Bay impeach meetup.
Please join us in spreading the word far and wide. Go to
and write your letter to Dr. Dean. You can cut and paste the one below, or
make up your own.

Dear Dr. Dean,

The number 1 priority for this country is to impeach Bush and Cheney for
high crimes and misdemeanors. Lying us into war, outing a CIA agent,
allowing 9-11 to happen- there is an endless list of treasonous activities.

Impeachment cannot happen in the usual way, through the House Judiciary
Committee, as long as the Republicans control the committee chairs. But
there is an an alternate route. Under the House rules, if a state
legislature calls for impeachment, the entire House must stop all other
business and consider the resolution.

Your home state of Vermont could initiate this procedure, and thereby get
Congr. John Conyers House Resolutions 635,636 & 637 out of the Judiciary
Committee and onto the House floor. We ask you to use your influence to
persuade the Vermont legislature to pass a resolution calling for
investigation into treason and other impeachable offenses on the part of
Bush and Cheney.

Many of us are withholding funds from the Democratic Party until we see some
action toward impeachment. This is an ideal way for you, as ex-governor of
Vermont and current head of the Democratic National Committee, to use your


Carol S. Wolman, MD

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:46 PM EST

Monday, 6 March 2006 - 6:42 PM EST

Name: Kristy

Check out
at first glance it seems like it is just another "nut"
case talking about ufos and the like but if you scroll down you will see some things about Bush , Cheney and Sananda
What has religion got to do with it????
The history of the world and all the wars that ever were fought thru time progressed even to England with the war of the roses and the European kings who were thought by many to be ordained as such by Christ and God......... pre- destination etc.
All the wars were all about religion with perhaps the exception of Vietnam and now this one....however on Sherrys web page she say fighting for oil is just a big cover up for something larger...... I tell you I am so freaked out now that I have left nearly all my groups and likely to leave more........ one in particular who was championing Sananda.......... I am getting ready to go hide out ; have already gone into seclusion, really ,off of the net anyways ; maybe out behind that waterfall me and Robert once talked about or maybe even deeper in the bowels of mother earth........ I mean honestly , will the REAL Jesus please stand up????? Sherry's site is well worth the extensive read.
Blessings to all here.

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