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Inportant Stuff
Monday, 16 January 2006
Say Hello
Withe the advent of cloning and Dolly the ewe,it has been scientifically proven that we are holographic beings. To be a holographic being any part of you must be able to replicate a whole nother self using only the dna written in a single cell. As humans and children of the light and due to the "injection " of the Christ consciousness into this world's reality we have that ablility. For us, the birth if the Lord Jesus Christ was litterally a shot in the arm....... an injection to save us........

"For unto you this day a child is born and HE shall be called Emannuel*

Esentially, then this news of being holographic and each of us carries the ability to replicate the original means that only ONE of us is really here. Words written in the Bible take on a whole new meaning.......

*Therefore when you walk down the street greet each other in love and joy........*. "hello me! hello me!" lols lols

Love thy neighbor as thyself...........

*Love ye one another even as I have loved you*

*Love thy neighbor as thy self*

Pray for thine enemies

What profit a man if he prays on the street corner for all to see and will not pray for his enemy??????

Oh ye sluggards when shall ye awaken??????

The universe cries with resounding joy~~" I AM!"

Go and sin no more.

From Kristy

Posted by 1bigtree at 9:11 AM EST

Tuesday, 17 January 2006 - 12:31 PM EST

Name: Kristy

Hello Bob!
I have to say these are the words of Christ not my words
and also there is a cd set you can get from Greg Braden called 'speaking the lost language of God" that some of my words are from. For me it was a revolutionary thunderstruck cd set......... also "What the bleep do I know" completes these thoughts. But in all reality it was Our Dear Lord who first tried to reach us with these words, it is just the dark veil dropped upon human kind and screwed the ideas up for wo/men to confuse them.

If you read the Bible carefully and for yourself rather than have a church do it for you or so called holy men do it for you , you have no chance for The Good Lord used speech that talks to YOUR dna. All was to happen in it's own good time as was dictated by the Creator. For ALL was forseen by HIM.

If you read carefully , you will see that the Bible is indeed LIVING breating entity in of itself and the words are meant to be verbal and POSITIVE.

Is the glass half full or half empty???
* they shall be eaters of poison and not die*

Is that spare the rod and SPOIL the child then? Or SPARE the rod and spoil the child????? You see without HIS presence in your life and the heavy influence of Satan who by the way is also called the Prince of doubt and darkness, it is easy to infer the wrong MEANING of HIS words. If God can be FOR you just who can be against you???????????

Our Lord is called the Prince of peace and Prince of Light also.

So tell me, in all of your thoughts which will it be which will you feed??? The Prince of Light or the Prince of Darkness........... ???

In the hopi prophesies it tells how the world will split into two factions the good world and then the bad world. It is said in their prophesies that the good world will go on and flourish and blossom while the bad one will sink into it's negativity and darkness more and more and bad it self right out of existence.......... how could it not???????????????

Tell me, which one do you want to be part of my friends.

Be filled with the light of HIS love and prosper. Be positive and Be FOR the Lord and HE will become THE WAY SHOWER for you...............

With all my fervant hope and heart..........


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