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Wednesday, 14 December 2005
Call for a Constitutional Convention
Congress is for sale. How do we get back control over the people who supposidly work for us but do to corporate bribery (campaign funds), actualy work for the highest bidder.
Allow people to run as many times as they want, but not to succeed themself in office period. One two year term in the house then out for at least two years, Same for the Senate. One six year term then out for six years. Same for the President one six year term then out for six years. Also to limit the buying of political parties, by declaring corporations to be not a person but a legal entity which has a public charter which can be revoked if they engage in illegal activities.
I have more ideas but this should do for starters, POst your own ideas by going part way down on the right hand side and writing your own posts.

Posted by 1bigtree at 11:58 PM EST

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