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Inportant Stuff
Friday, 25 November 2005
How can we turn this country around?????????????????????
How do we as a people get back control of our nation? Perhaps vote the rascles out? Ok. but what if you live in Ohio, FL or a half dozen states where the vote is predetermined by the politicians in power? Limit campaign contributions? Trying that in TX now, but little chance of success. Building community and speaking out when we are misrepresented? This one has a chance. Build a community of people who think like you that things are wrong. Set out to make them right where you are, and let it snowball downhill froom there. Choose one issue at a time, and speak out about it. Get it changed localy, and watch the politicians tremble. Why not start where your atr today?

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:01 PM EST

Saturday, 26 November 2005 - 9:49 AM EST

Name: Ayowenta

Siyo Robert,

If we had time your suggestion would be a natural. You have part of the answer with "Build a community of people who think like you that things are wrong." But it can't be a gradual process, for a number of reasons. One, Mother Earth can't take much more. Two, in a Patriot Act dictatorship you'd be chopped down if it took long enough to allow interference. Three, the prophecies of most sacred traditions say the change will come in a flash. Bible, Qur'an & hadiths, Black Elk, Hopi & Maya, all say it'll be quick. Wide distribution of the same message indicates Spirit's presence.

Prophecies usually come with both literal and figurative fulfillment possibilities. Literally they usually mean mass destruction and death, but that happens when society is too out-of-balance. Duh. If society makes a tremendous turn-around, it must figuratively destroy its imbalance, usually thru spiritual & government change. That's the peaceful option. Say, fer instance, the Green Party swept the next elections and the vote was upheld. That could only happen with a major spiritual shift in our society, but if such a shift occurred, so would the vote result. So spiritual & governament go hand-in-hand.

Self-centered "What's in it for me" valued society is very susceptible to rule by Bushista-type regimes. Somehow true Rainbow philosophy has to flourish, and that also means the Do-it-iveness demonstrated in Waveland and elsewhere. Philosophy with commitment to act.

In order to be peaceful, it'll mean the coming together thru grassroots communication of many groups at one time as a result of some significant unifying factor, and be of such wide acceptance that police and low-level judiciary support civil-disobedience against dictator-level orders against such civil disobedience. I suppose it'll end up being over the Vote itself. Since you can't outvote the people who control the rigged process in their election, you'd have to set up a paper trail election right next to the official voting sites with a Peoples' Vote site, too. Those voting against the regime would vote twice, and you'd have a paper trail for sure.

The 'significant unifying factor' would have to carry enough weight on the individual level to make ordinary policemen, judges, soldiers, and military officers willing to protect the people, and not the regime. And it would have to offer a straightforward path easily understandable to most folks, so the regime couldn't confuse the message.

To do it peacefully would probably look much like the Vietnam Antiwar Movement of the 60's and 70's, but of much greater wide appeal. I'd anticipate folks like the Rainbows might have some knowhow for doing this in a positive way, and probably lots of musicians, too. The people are there, and the disatisfaction is widespread. Just one ingredient missing.


Sunday, 4 December 2005 - 8:50 PM EST

Name: Kristine
Home Page:

Well sister the red man has had his say, so has the white and the black. We have not yet heard much from the yellow. but I tell you they are soon to come! The Chinese are on the march right now as I speak......... they will soon take over...... and I think not much longer now.......There is much to learn from them....perhaps they will soon teach it to us??????????? My grandpa always said BEWARE THE SLEEPING DRAGON. China is getting ready as I speak.....

Thursday, 15 December 2005 - 3:15 AM EST

Name: bint alshamsa

As I read this post, I thought of a quote that I once read.

"He who votes decides nothing; he who counts the votes decides everything."-Stalin

I know it may be unpopular to say this but I have to admit that I do not vote and have no plans to begin doing so. There is nothing more pointless in my opinion, especially if your views are a tiny minority in an area that is overwhelmingly in support of one of the major political parties. Besides, I refuse to help put anyone in a position to do even greater damage to society which is inevitably what politicians do--all of them.

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