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Inportant Stuff
Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Something I wrote and sent out back in May, Please comment on it.

I have spent the last few days meditating on the state of the world. Asking what can I do to change the outcome of the various prophecies, and how to protect myself and those who come here seeking shelter and refuge. A interwoven idea came to me, don't know if it will work, but its better then anything I have seen up till now. In the rest of this message, I will share the idea as best I can. I'm no great speaker or writer, just a man who cares.

To all governments, corporations and religious business in the world I have a few words to say. Either cooperate with us, the people of the world or be consigned to the scrap heap of failed institutions.

First and primary to all else, each and every person in the world has the right to adequate, nutritious food. Not just sometimes, but all the time. Not the junk pushed as food by various corporations, but tasty, nutritious food. Grown localy by the people who either eat it or supply it to their community.

Second and just as inportant. everyone has the right to adaquate shelter. It doesn't have to be palatial, just shelter to keep them dry and warm, and give them a sense of privacy. Comfortable would also be part of this. This doesn't have to enrich anyone. People can be given the material land, and plans and build their own if nothing else.

Third, each and every person in the world has the right to education. Not the government sponsered education of today. Rather a education that will allow them to decide for thenself what needs doing and how to go about it. A education that takes into account the fact that we all have differnt abilities and each may then contribute to the good of the whole. Thereby giving each of them a feeling of belonging and contributing.

Fourth, nobody should feel compelled to do something out of fear. I realize that most of our fears are generated by government. Sometimes fears of anyone who looks or acts different then we do. Sometimes to control the people. Always to enhence the power of the government. From this day fourth, any government or corporate entity that uses fear to control its people or inpose their ways on other people shall be declared null and void. I feel quite rightly that their are enough lions and tigers and bears to go around without government induced fears.

Fifth I belive most problems are best handled by the people they directly concern. Thus be it family, neighbors, tribes, villages or nations the decisions should be made in council with everyone involved getting to speak. No decision shall be valid unless it is reached by concensus. That any powers given to a governing body be limited to the specific purpose of that governing body. All other things are reserved to the people.

Finaly I believe that every family, every community, every tribe has the right to trade the goods and services they produce with any other tribe, community or nation for goods and services produced elsewhere without governmental controls. Thus if I grow extra potatoes and your community produces cloth I should be able to trade my potatoes for your cloth without outside interferance.

This I set fourth as a guidline for all mankind on this the 22nd. day of May, 2005 CE.
To be debated, enhenced and put into place by all people everywhere. A citizen of the world.

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:10 AM EDT

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