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Inportant Stuff
Thursday, 23 March 2006
What happened today.
Had good news on impeachment as more liberals are starting to get to where I was a year ago. For that I give thanks. Also worked on the speach I am supposed to give SAturday, which like most speachs will probably end up in the trash can.
Mourned the loss yesterday of my wolf/dog Spirit who passed away in my arms at sunset yesterday. She Was the most loving and gentilist of all Creators children.
I grew up listening to stories of Degandaweda and the Gam-a-gasha-gowa or Great law of peace. I see how far this country which adapted it's principles has fallen from the principles which it adopted. No more, I will fight the politicians, the big money, and the indiference that fills this beautiful land which we lost to you. I am finding new allies each day, and know we can turn it around. Building new institutions, new methods and new ides each day. I can't do it without you, but tiogether we can make a difference.

Posted by 1bigtree at 8:41 PM EST
Friday, 17 February 2006
Impeach Bush now
Thank you, Big Tree, for posting my letter to Howard Dean calling for
impeachment. If we all write to Dr. Dean, he will be impressed with the
grassroots sentiment in favor of impeachment, and may move the Vermont
legislature and/or the Democratic Party in that direction.

I'm posting my letter again, for those of you who missed it the first time:

Dear Friends,

Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and chair of the Democratic National
Committee, has asked us for feedback on what the Democrats should be doing,

This is our chance to tell Dr. Dean that we want Bush and Cheney impeached.
The following letter suggests a way that he can personally help make this
happen as quickly as possible, as we prepare for the November elections. We
must make it clear to the DNC that we want impeachment to be the main order
of business.

A number of us are working together for a major letter-writing campaign to
Dr. Dean. If he receives a number of letters with this suggestion, he will
see that "we the people" don't merely want a change of party, we want the
criminals in the White House removed and judged for their crimes, treason by
outing a CIA agent being high on the list.

This campaign originated with Norah Foster of the East Bay impeach meetup.
Please join us in spreading the word far and wide. Go to
and write your letter to Dr. Dean. You can cut and paste the one below, or
make up your own.

Dear Dr. Dean,

The number 1 priority for this country is to impeach Bush and Cheney for
high crimes and misdemeanors. Lying us into war, outing a CIA agent,
allowing 9-11 to happen- there is an endless list of treasonous activities.

Impeachment cannot happen in the usual way, through the House Judiciary
Committee, as long as the Republicans control the committee chairs. But
there is an an alternate route. Under the House rules, if a state
legislature calls for impeachment, the entire House must stop all other
business and consider the resolution.

Your home state of Vermont could initiate this procedure, and thereby get
Congr. John Conyers House Resolutions 635,636 & 637 out of the Judiciary
Committee and onto the House floor. We ask you to use your influence to
persuade the Vermont legislature to pass a resolution calling for
investigation into treason and other impeachable offenses on the part of
Bush and Cheney.

Many of us are withholding funds from the Democratic Party until we see some
action toward impeachment. This is an ideal way for you, as ex-governor of
Vermont and current head of the Democratic National Committee, to use your


Carol S. Wolman, MD

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:46 PM EST
Monday, 16 January 2006
Say Hello
Withe the advent of cloning and Dolly the ewe,it has been scientifically proven that we are holographic beings. To be a holographic being any part of you must be able to replicate a whole nother self using only the dna written in a single cell. As humans and children of the light and due to the "injection " of the Christ consciousness into this world's reality we have that ablility. For us, the birth if the Lord Jesus Christ was litterally a shot in the arm....... an injection to save us........

"For unto you this day a child is born and HE shall be called Emannuel*

Esentially, then this news of being holographic and each of us carries the ability to replicate the original means that only ONE of us is really here. Words written in the Bible take on a whole new meaning.......

*Therefore when you walk down the street greet each other in love and joy........*. "hello me! hello me!" lols lols

Love thy neighbor as thyself...........

*Love ye one another even as I have loved you*

*Love thy neighbor as thy self*

Pray for thine enemies

What profit a man if he prays on the street corner for all to see and will not pray for his enemy??????

Oh ye sluggards when shall ye awaken??????

The universe cries with resounding joy~~" I AM!"

Go and sin no more.

From Kristy

Posted by 1bigtree at 9:11 AM EST
Sunday, 25 December 2005
Tis the season of Peace.

However is it really? The peace that passes all understanding isn't found without but within. It's not created by law but by each and every one of us searching our heart. Each of us acting like peace was the most important thing we posses and living it. It's a sad commintary that Ghandi who was known for being peaceful said he never became a Christian because he never met one. Do you really want peace, then live it. Not just with a certain few but with your family, your friends your neighbors and your community. It's a idea whose time has come.

Here's wishing you peace today and every day.

Big Tree

Posted by 1bigtree at 9:50 AM EST
Wednesday, 14 December 2005
Call for a Constitutional Convention
Congress is for sale. How do we get back control over the people who supposidly work for us but do to corporate bribery (campaign funds), actualy work for the highest bidder.
Allow people to run as many times as they want, but not to succeed themself in office period. One two year term in the house then out for at least two years, Same for the Senate. One six year term then out for six years. Same for the President one six year term then out for six years. Also to limit the buying of political parties, by declaring corporations to be not a person but a legal entity which has a public charter which can be revoked if they engage in illegal activities.
I have more ideas but this should do for starters, POst your own ideas by going part way down on the right hand side and writing your own posts.

Posted by 1bigtree at 11:58 PM EST
Friday, 25 November 2005
How can we turn this country around?????????????????????
How do we as a people get back control of our nation? Perhaps vote the rascles out? Ok. but what if you live in Ohio, FL or a half dozen states where the vote is predetermined by the politicians in power? Limit campaign contributions? Trying that in TX now, but little chance of success. Building community and speaking out when we are misrepresented? This one has a chance. Build a community of people who think like you that things are wrong. Set out to make them right where you are, and let it snowball downhill froom there. Choose one issue at a time, and speak out about it. Get it changed localy, and watch the politicians tremble. Why not start where your atr today?

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:01 PM EST
Tuesday, 15 November 2005
I Dare Call It Treason
The current administration and several members of Congress have said in effect that the rule of Habis Corpus doesn't apply to some people. Where in the Constitution do they get such power. The Constitution doesn't give it to them. The Constitution is the superme law of the land, therefore what they are proposing and what they are doing is Treason. Where is the bringing of charges against them by the House? Where is the trial by the Senate? Do we the people who own this government have to act on our own to take the nation back. I swore to defend the Contitution from all enimies foreign and domestic, this statement is the first action on my part. Who agrees with me?

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:38 PM EST
Friday, 28 October 2005
> From: Jeanne Svhiyeyi Aga Chadwick
> Date: 10/27/05 12:53:30
> To: eveningrain@a...
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> unsubscription or to be subscribed.
> My Groups | MYTWOBEADSWORTH Main Page
> Forwarded by Stephanie Schwartz with thanks.
> 17, 2005
> ROBERT WALTERS: Mr. Chairman, thank you and Council, with us is
Sidney Has
> No Horses. He is a medicine man from Oglala and Mr. Chariman, he
has a
> message that he's going to all the tribes, all the reservations
with that
> came out of a ceremony and I feel it's a good message. I visited
Mr. Has No
> Horses and so at this time, I'd like to get the floor for him.
> SIDNEY HAS NO HORSES: Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relatives. I'd
like to get
> in the middle if I could, I really don't like to use the mic. My
name is
> Sidney Has No Horses. I'm from the Pine Ridge Reservation. You
> know my father, his name was Dawson Has No Horses. He was a
yuwipi man, a
> powerful medicine man. My grandfather's name is Frank Fools
Crow. He was
> also a powerful medicine man. Six months ago, we had a ceremony,
in this
> ceremony, two angels came to me and they talked to me and they
told us of
> the devastation that would happen to the islands and the Indian
Ocean. They
> told us of the earthquakes that would hit Japan. They told us of
> earthquakes that will hit South American and the they also told us
of the
> Tsunami that wiped out all the people and they told us of the
> that came to Florida, the one that came to New Orleans and the one
that went
> to Texas. There's one more hurricane coming to wipe out another
city. Two
> weeks ago, we has a cermony, Sitting Bull came in and he talked to
me; Crazy
> Horse , he talked to me; Chief Big Foot talked to me and they
asked me to go
> to the Seven Council Fires and to the Council People and to warn
all of
> these Fires, within six months. There's going to be a tidal wave
> going to wipe out Los Angeles. Within six months, there 's going
to be an
> eruption in the northwest with the volcanoes. Two eruptions
within six
> months. They say from the eruptions of theses volcanoes, the ash
is coming,
> the Missouri River will be destroyed. They say the water that we
drink from
> the ground is going to be no longer drinkable. These hardships
are coming
> because Gold is bringing this. Whether you believe in
Christianity, Native
> American Church or the traditional way, if you read the Bible, we
are going
> into the fourth seal. There's diseases coming that are going to
wipe out
> our children and like this man said here, meth -methaphetamine on
our rez is
> very bad too. If we don't stop that, it's going to destroy the
> generation. Many vegetables are going to be born into our
tribes. When I'm
> done here, I am going to Standing Rock and I am going to stand in
front of
> them, their council and tell them the same thing I am telling you
> This winter is going to be very cold for a long time. Ranchers
are going to
> lose their horses and cows because it is not going to warm up. The
price of
> propane is going to skyrocket and sometimes they are not going to
be able to
> deliver the propane to our families. This food issue in the
Bible, it says
> one day there will be no food in the store's shelves. If you look
at the
> hurricane, a lot of the stores, there's no food on the shelves.
> people lost their homes. They can't drink the water and so I come
> of the mighty chiefs that talked to me and because of who I am.
They tell
> me, I need to warn the tribes. Today, I came here without
announcement, but
> to see you all gathered like this, I know God is on my side to see
> gathered. The Sisseton-Wahpeton tomorrow will be gathered at
10o'clock and
> they will hear what I have to hear. The Flandreau people are
gling to be
> waiting for me tomorrow evening. I 'm going up to Fort Yates
here, I'm
> going to talk to them even if it's after hours and so I thank you
very much
> for letting me come in and I'm thankful that I got all of you
together at
> the same time. I offer you all a handshake. My name is Sidney Has
No Horses
> I'm from Batesland, South Dakota. You might want to write this
down. My
> phone number is 605-288-0097. We incorporated ourselves through
the State
> of South Dakota to let you know that we are serious. Within six
months, we
> are going to be living in hell of a world and these chiefs have
talked to me
> and my cousins. If you ever want a ceremony, you get ahold of us
and we
> will bring you a ceremony t let you believe. But the chiefs tell
me, some of
> you have good hearts. Some of you have good mind. Some of you
> spirituality. You are the people that will take heed on the words
I bring
> and there's a lot of people that didn't believe us when everything
we told
> them has happened and my President, Cecilia Fire Thunder, I talked
to her
> yesterday and she supports because everything I told her would
happen to our
> tribe has happened. The power of God, he knows what he's bringing
to us and
> in three years, as the keepers of Mother Earth, if the Seven Fires
do not
> come together, there's going to be a meteorite that will be coming
and it's
> going to hit off of San Francisco and they told us that the Seven
> Fires,, theses Seven Fires never has hate and jealousy toward each
other. I
> ve been trying to get the medicine men of Oglala to be in unity,
but they
> can't and now Gold asked me to come and get all the Tribal
Councils together
> and all the tribes together. That's a very hard job that he's
giving me. I
> m very nervous as I stand here in front of you, but I tried to
look you all
> in the eye to let you know thatI'm for real and so at this time,
there are
> food for thought, things you can think about in the next six month
and this
> little time you have given me. I thank you. Now I'm going to
Standing Rock
> I will be going to every reservation.. Maybe the tribal members
will et
> together and at least the tribal presidents will have a ceremony
for all you
> to hear and believe in God. All my relatives. Mitakuye Oyasin.
You have
> my phone number and so if any questions, please contact me.

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:54 AM EDT
Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Something I wrote and sent out back in May, Please comment on it.

I have spent the last few days meditating on the state of the world. Asking what can I do to change the outcome of the various prophecies, and how to protect myself and those who come here seeking shelter and refuge. A interwoven idea came to me, don't know if it will work, but its better then anything I have seen up till now. In the rest of this message, I will share the idea as best I can. I'm no great speaker or writer, just a man who cares.

To all governments, corporations and religious business in the world I have a few words to say. Either cooperate with us, the people of the world or be consigned to the scrap heap of failed institutions.

First and primary to all else, each and every person in the world has the right to adequate, nutritious food. Not just sometimes, but all the time. Not the junk pushed as food by various corporations, but tasty, nutritious food. Grown localy by the people who either eat it or supply it to their community.

Second and just as inportant. everyone has the right to adaquate shelter. It doesn't have to be palatial, just shelter to keep them dry and warm, and give them a sense of privacy. Comfortable would also be part of this. This doesn't have to enrich anyone. People can be given the material land, and plans and build their own if nothing else.

Third, each and every person in the world has the right to education. Not the government sponsered education of today. Rather a education that will allow them to decide for thenself what needs doing and how to go about it. A education that takes into account the fact that we all have differnt abilities and each may then contribute to the good of the whole. Thereby giving each of them a feeling of belonging and contributing.

Fourth, nobody should feel compelled to do something out of fear. I realize that most of our fears are generated by government. Sometimes fears of anyone who looks or acts different then we do. Sometimes to control the people. Always to enhence the power of the government. From this day fourth, any government or corporate entity that uses fear to control its people or inpose their ways on other people shall be declared null and void. I feel quite rightly that their are enough lions and tigers and bears to go around without government induced fears.

Fifth I belive most problems are best handled by the people they directly concern. Thus be it family, neighbors, tribes, villages or nations the decisions should be made in council with everyone involved getting to speak. No decision shall be valid unless it is reached by concensus. That any powers given to a governing body be limited to the specific purpose of that governing body. All other things are reserved to the people.

Finaly I believe that every family, every community, every tribe has the right to trade the goods and services they produce with any other tribe, community or nation for goods and services produced elsewhere without governmental controls. Thus if I grow extra potatoes and your community produces cloth I should be able to trade my potatoes for your cloth without outside interferance.

This I set fourth as a guidline for all mankind on this the 22nd. day of May, 2005 CE.
To be debated, enhenced and put into place by all people everywhere. A citizen of the world.

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:10 AM EDT
Saturday, 22 October 2005
I have since 1952 been blessed and cursed with visions of things that later happened. At first I dreaded these visions. Then I learned if I warned people and shared the vision, the people could change the outcome. Not by avoiding the incident, but by changing the cause of the incident.
Over the last few years I have seen earthquakes that leveled cities, rape and murder gangs roaming the streets of our cities, flooding of the coasts, volcano activity including where none had been and civil wars all over the globe including here in the USA. All of these are caused by greed and mans ruthless rape of the Earth. Also by the unchecked power of a few bankers and others. If it's not brought into balance, mankind may well be extinct.
The first thing needed is to create community, for no person can survive alone. The second is to live in harmony with your environment. The third thing is to start believing your religious teachings. The fourth thing is to listen to the guidance of your heart.
Thats about all I can say right now, but please change your of thinking and acting so that you may be among the many who will ensure the survival of mankind and the blessing of the next 7 generations

Posted by 1bigtree at 10:53 PM EDT

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